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Course Description

Dr Bernard is a 70-year-old endocrinologist whose passion in life has been the practice of medicine and the care of patients with diabetes. He noticed that he was getting fewer referrals for new patients from other physicians in his group. On 2 occasions, other clinicians made passing comments to him about retirement. Although he has had a busy and productive career as a clinician, he had done little financial planning for retirement, resulting in his not having sufficient funds to fully retire. He loves working as a physician and never thought he would stop doing that. He wants to stay in practice but now feels insecure because he wonders if his colleagues believe he is getting too old and is not keeping current.

Activity Details

Credit Types:CME
Credit Amount:1.00 Credits
Release Date:2017-Apr-18
Expiration Date:2020-Apr-18
Estimated Time for Completion:1 hour
Registration Required:Yes

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